Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

WHEW!, which stands for Women Helping Empower Women,  is a non-profit founded by Dr. Georgette Zinaty and supported by a diverse team representing a wide range of backgrounds, sectors, ethnicities, all in senior leadership roles.


In the USA, 29.5 million women have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree compared to 29.3 million men. In Canada, women hold more degrees and more multiple degrees compared to men. Yet, we do not see women in leadership roles of many organizations. For example, in the Fortune 500 companies, there are only 31 women holding CEO positions – 6%. The scarcity of females in these senior roles leads to questions related to stereotypes in defining leadership, understanding barriers, and why some women are able to reach these senior roles.


Research has shown successful women take more risks, have confidence, focus on key areas of business, all while surrounding themselves with good advisors, mentors, sponsors, champions and partners. These are the capacity areas that WHEW! aims to focus on and develop in women. We hope you will join us. Registration is free.

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