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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Collaboration over Competition


WHEW! is a BIPOC diverse and collaborative community of business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, newcomers, immigrants, and individuals who believe that together, through meaningful collaboration rather than competition, we are stronger and more powerful – and that we can achieve more through a collective voice. Our aim is to grow our local and global community by collaborating and partnering with organizations and individuals who share our purpose and values and want to support the capacity building of women.


WHEW!, which stands for Women Helping Empower Women,  is a not-for-profit organization founded by Dr. Georgette Zinaty and supported by a diverse team of people representing a wide range of backgrounds, sectors, ethnicities –  all in senior leadership roles. It was borne out of recognition that women need to help one another – not just say it, but truly mean it; support, lift, engage, educate, and empower one another.  Many of our services are absolutely free because we believe in giving back, through the power of one, and the power of all. Join us, make a difference, and let us rise together.

TM* application in progress 

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