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Wendy Coates

Events and Media Ambassador

Wendy Coates is a seasoned exceptional leader in the television and media industry with more than two decades of experience contributing significantly to shows that have transformed the Canadian landscape like CityLine and Breakfast Television. She blends organizational prowess with creative insight and leverages her academic foundation in the media space which has been shaped by Humber's Journalism Print and Broadcast program and amplified by her passion and extensive experience in event planning across Canada.   An entrepreneur and advocate for building capacity in others, she authored  a children's book "Dance Eva Dance" encouraging children to follow their dreams, passions and not shy away from their talents with the world.  She also runs her own event planning and is invited to host all sorts of children and corporate events. Wendy is a volunteer with organizations including NEXT Ten  where she shares her passion for creating opportunities and levelling up individuals. She takes pride in her Caribbean heritage and her Torontonian roots but most importantly cherishes her role as a mom and role model.  

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