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Dr. Georgette Zinaty


Executive Vice-President, Corporate Class Inc.

Founder and CEO of WHEW! Women Helping Empower Women

Promoting WHEW! through:

Dr. Georgette Zinaty has been a long-time advocate for equity and inclusion. Starting as a student at the University of Toronto, she was passionate about supporting marginalized groups and she has never been one to shy away from difficult or culturally competent conversations.


Dr. Zinaty is also a strong believer that education is one pathway to creating a level playing field. After completing her BA at U of T, she went on to do an MBA with a focus in Marketing and Strategic Human Resources. Her dissertation focused on stragility – the strategic ability of organizations to be agile (or not).  She completed her second master’s degree (MSc) in the area of Business and Management Research as well as a Harvard certificate in Leading Successful Change Initiatives.  Her doctoral (DBA) research focused on leadership, women, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


Dr. Zinaty had a stellar career at the University of Toronto before joining Corporate Class Inc. (CCI) in 2020 as their Executive Vice-President. She has been a frequent panelist and public speaker, including the delivery of a TEDx talk entitled How to Deal with the Impossible.  In 2018, she was named 1 of 6 “Immigrant Woman of Inspiration” by the publication Canadian Immigrant and among Canada’s top 75 Immigrants in 2021.  She serves on the Board of Advisors for the Entrepreneurship and Leadership Learning Alliance (ELLA) at York University and is the Co-Chair for the inaugural Canadian Chapter of ChIPs, a global organization that supports women in intellectual property and technology.


Dr. Zinaty's book, entitled Why not YOU? focuses on the scarcity of women and diversity in leadership and 100% of the proceeds from the book sales are being used to support the work of WHEW!. To order your copy of the book, please go to the Shop WHEW! menu.

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