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We are pleased to announce the Women Helping Empower Women (WHEW!) WISE (Women Innovators Shakers and Entrepreneurs) Awards Program hosted by eXperience RBC that aims to shine a light on amazing women doing tremendous things in business and communities. 

We have had a tremendous response to our call for nominations. Nominations have now CLOSED. Award winners will be announced at our celebration event on June 9th which is now SOLD OUT

Thank you to the many sponsors of our WISE Awards Program (please watch the video below).

Five WISE WHEW! Award Categories

to be Celebrated on June 9th


The Trailblazer Award 

This award recognizes a woman who has achieved success in an industry that is traditionally underrepresented by women and has made a significant impact through her leadership, advocacy or innovation. The Trailblazer is a woman who has overcome barriers to achieve her goals and has inspired and empowered others to do the same. The recipient of this award is someone who has demonstrated resilience, determination, and a commitment to building a better future for herself and others. She is a cheerleader for women who seek employment in traditional or non-traditional areas.


The Community Builder Award

This award recognizes a woman committed to driving positive change in her community, sector or industry either through a business (for-profit, nonprofit, or not-for-profit), volunteerism or advocacy. The Community Builder is dedicated to making an impact and leading with a purpose through her work, as she successfully demonstrates opportunities to bring communities together and solutions for social, economic, cultural or environmental issues. This award celebrates a woman with an entrepreneurial mindset whose actions and influence inspire community building.


The Top Under 25 Youth Achiever Award

The Top Under 25 Youth Achiever recognizes a female leader who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and has made an early impact on the community or in industry through an initiative she has led. The recipient of this award is someone who has inspired and empowered others to follow their lead and has made a significant impact through their work, business or volunteerism.


The Newcomer Rising Leader Award

The Newcomer Rising Leader recognizes a female newcomer (7 years or less in Canada) who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and resilience. The recipient of this award is a role model for other immigrant women and entrepreneurs and is someone who has inspired and empowered others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. This award celebrates the unique contributions and perspectives of new immigrant women entrepreneurs and recognizes the role they play in driving innovation and economic growth.


The Arts and Culture Award 

The Arts and Culture Award is presented to an artist, cultural leader or business in recognition of artistic excellence, cultural leadership and contribution to the arts and their impact on shining a light on this space through a creative lens.

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