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Our Why

Community Building

Creating a supportive community of angel investors who share a passion for empowering underrepresented founders by hosting networking events, workshops, and online forums where investors can connect and share insights.

Mentorship & Support

Offering mentorship and support to the founders of portfolio companies beyond financial investment. Providing guidance on strategic planning, business development, and access to networks can help accelerate their growth and success.

Deal Sourcing

Identifying promising startups led by women and BIPOC founders by building relationships with incubators, accelerators, and other startup support organizations focused on diversity and inclusion.

Measurement & Impact Evaluation

Defining key metrics for measuring the impact of your investments in terms of empowerment, accessibility, and innovation. Regularly track and evaluate progress against these metrics to ensure your initiative is achieving its intended outcomes.

Due Diligence

Conducting thorough due diligence on potential investment opportunities to assess their viability and alignment with your initiative's goals including evaluating the founding team, market opportunity, product/service innovation, and potential for impact.

Education & Awareness

Raising awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship and angel investing. Offer educational resources, workshops, and events to empower investors with the knowledge and tools to support underrepresented founders effectively.

Our goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem that not only provides capital and also foster empowerment, accessibility, and innovation among women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Whether you're an investor looking to support diverse entrepreneurs or a founder seeking investment and support, we invite you to join us in building a more inclusive and innovative future. Together, we can create opportunities, drive impact, and inspire change.

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