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How to deal with the impossible

Lama TV 

Annual Gala Keynote speaker

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Forbes article

Coaches council- overcoming bias in the workplace

Forbes article

High Five: Making The Pivot Part Of Your Quintuple Bottom Line

Chair Chats

 YouTube channel where Georgette shares chair chats with inspiring guests. 

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Forbes article

The Power Of One: How Individual Initiative Can Impact Team Performance

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Forbes article

The F.E.A.R. Frontier: How To Reframe Fear And Seize Opportunity

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Forbes article

Three Ways To Improve Work For Everyone Through Sponsorship And Incentivized Inclusion

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Brian Crombie

The Brian Crombie Show, May 2021, Guest Georgette Zinaty

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Rogers TV

In Studio - Why not YOU?

Danielle Joworski talks with Georgette Zinaty

CTV News

Impacts of the war in Ukraine

Angie Seth talks with Georgette Zinaty

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Brian Crombie

The Brian Crombie Show, March 2022, Guest Georgette Zinaty