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Shipping and handling is $10 for Canadian orders of 1 or 2 books. For orders of 3 or more books, please email me directly ( and we will prepare an invoice for you with the appropriate shipping charge to cover your order. Also, please email me directly if you wish to order a copy from outside Canada.


All proceeds from book sales go to support WHEW!


Dr. Georgette Zinaty is a leading diversity, equity and inclusion expert, a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, and Practice Lead at the Centre for Diversity and Inclusion at Corporate Class Inc. As the Founder of Women Helping Empower Women (WHEW!), her passion and focus is on closing the gap for women and marginalized groups.


While there exists a plethora of work on understanding leadership and women that offers potential solutions for improving the conditions and supporting change to enhance upward mobility of women, after more than 35 years since the concept of a glass ceiling was coined (Loden, 1985), and despite the research and knowledge around this topic, women continue to face challenges in making it into the CEO office, other C-suite positions, and into boardrooms. In fact, over the last several years, there continue to be more men on corporate boards named John, Robert, William or James than there are women on boards altogether!


Inclusion work and strategies are critical to ensuring fairness, equity, and diversity in boardrooms, at all senior levels, and throughout any organization. The McKinsey Global Institute posits that by simply bridging the gender gap, the economic case for gender parity could impact the global GDP by $28 trillion (McKinsey, 2015). 


In this book Why Not YOU?, we work towards bridging the key gaps and leveraging foundational concepts and frameworks for application in the workplace and communities. We consider differences in role achievement by gender, and the perceptions and experiences of marginalized community members and those who reached leadership roles - all of whom offer an account of the factors that led to their success beyond. Together we seek to provide a comprehensive understanding of the array of factors at both the individual and organizational levels that impact the advancement of women and marginalized groups, drawing on the actual experiences of these individuals, and how through the power of one, we can all play a role towards creating an inclusive society and workplaces.

Why Not YOU? The Power of One. The Power of Us.

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